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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Tennessee such as a DUI, drunk driving or drug possession, or arrested for assault, shoplifting or another crime, our criminal defense attorneys in Clarksville and Springfield have significant experience in a variety of criminal cases. From routine misdemeanors to serious felony charges, Batson Nolan’s criminal defense lawyers have obtained acquittals and favorable dispositions for clients facing serious charges, including murder, robbery, aggravated assault, rape and statutory rape. If a favorable disposition cannot be obtained by negotiating with the state, we are prepared to take your case to trial.

Being accused of a crime and prosecuted is a frightening situation, and even a misdemeanor on your record can affect your ability to get a job or secure a loan. No matter how minor the charges against you may seem, you need legal representation by a competent defense attorney who can work through the criminal justice system, give you zealous representation at court and minimize the impact of the proceedings on your life.

We understand how the Tennessee criminal justice system works and how an arrest can affect your life now and in the future. If you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offense, we will fight to protect your legal rights, whether you have been charged with a serious felony or a minor traffic offense.

If you’re facing criminal charges, don’t wait another moment to contact an attorney at Batson Nolan. Call our Clarksville attorneys at (931) 647-1501, or call our Springfield law office at (615) 382-4420.


Below is a list of some of the criminal defense areas in which we practice:

DUI and Drunk Driving
Legal representation for a DUI offense is essential if you seek to prevent loss of driving privileges and incarceration. Attorneys at Batson Nolan will fight to keep your driving privileges after a drunk driving arrest.

Domestic Assault & No Contact Orders
For anyone arrested on a charge of Domestic Assault in Tennessee, bail conditions include a No Contact Order (NCO), which prohibits any contact with the alleged victim, including returning to the alleged victim’s address. These bond conditions can cause extreme hardship when the defendant and alleged victim are family members. If you have been charged with Domestic Assault and need to return home or want to resume communication with the alleged victim, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Batson Nolan about having your conditions of release on bond amended.

Drug Charges, Possession and Intent to Sell
We routinely represent clients charged with various drug crimes, from simple marijuana use to serious class A and B felony charges for cocaine possession, methamphetamine manufacturing, OxyContin distribution and intent to sell.

Sex Crimes, Rape and Sexual Battery
Our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals charged with sex crimes, like aggravated rape, statutory rape, sexual battery and sexual exploitation. The attorneys at Batson Nolan have obtained acquittals at trial and favorable dispositions for numerous clients charged with sex crimes.


Offering Criminal Defense in these additional areas:

Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Battery
Aggravated Stalking
Armed Burglary
Armed Kidnapping
Armed Robbery
Armed Trafficking
Attempted Murder
Child Abuse and Molestation
Child Neglect
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Mischief
Driving with Suspended License
Driving Under the Influence
Drunk Driving
Drug Possession
Drug Trafficking
DUI Manslaughter
Environmental Crimes
Exploitation of the Elderly
Firearm Offenses
Grand Jury Testimony
Habitual Traffic Offender
Healthcare Fraud
Identity Theft
Indecent Exposure
Insurance Fraud
Internet Crimes
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Lewd & Lascivious Conduct
Mail Fraud
Medicare Fraud
Money Laundering
Obstruction of Justice
Organized Scheme to Defraud
Post-Conviction Relief
Possession of Drugs With Intent to Sale
Public Corruption
Reckless Driving
Resisting Arrest
Sale of Drugs
Securities Violations
Sentencing Modifications and Reversals
Sexual Assault
Petit Theft
Grand Theft
Vehicular Homicide
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violation of Injunction
White Collar Crimes
Witness Tampering / Threats


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