Many benefits come with investing in real estate in Brentwood, Tennessee. In addition to establishing roots for one’s family, real estate can create opportunities for passive income, equity, monthly rents, and tax incentives. However, residential and commercial real estate matters involve the interplay of many complex areas of the law. The Brentwood real estate lawyers at Batson Nolan PLC have decades of experience representing buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords, tenants, and other property owners in various commercial and residential real estate matters.

The lawyers at our office maintain positive working relationships with many entities involved in real estate transactions in Brentwood. We use our skills, resources, and experience to create streamlined real estate transactions, thereby increasing efficiency and favorable outcomes for our clients. Call Batson Nolan PLC to discuss your real estate matter with a highly trained Brentwood real estate attorney on our team.

Real Estate Matters in Brentwood, TennesseeBrentwood real estate lawyers

Expert advice is typically a good idea when making any significant financial decision, such as purchasing, transferring, or selling real estate. Many first-time real estate buyers hire a real estate agent to help them secure the type of property they seek. While this assistance is beneficial, real estate lawyers provide more comprehensive representation.

Real estate lawyers are licensed to practice law in Tennessee and focus on real estate transactions. Real estate transactions tend to fall under one of two types:

Residential real estate: Residential real estate refers broadly to real property and any land or buildings on it that are used for residential purposes.

Commercial real estate: Commercial real estate refers to a broad class of public-facing property. State and local zoning entities typically control the designation of properties under this classification.

A Brentwood real estate attorney can help clients with the following:

  • Contracts,
  • Construction,
  • Consulting,
  • Escrow matters,
  • Foreclosure,
  • Investments,
  • Land use planning and zoning,
  • Mortgages,
  • Purchase and sales, and
  • Short sales. 

Although Tennessee does not require buyers to have a real estate lawyer, having a lawyer knowledgeable in Brentwood real estate law provides many invaluable benefits throughout any residential or commercial transaction.

Brentwood Residential Real Estate Matters

Residential real estate focuses on property one will use as a living space. Although real estate transactions are common, each step of the process requires a thorough understanding of complex legal concepts and strict adherence to various procedural and substantive rules.

Title and Title Insurance in Brentwood, Tennessee

A property’s title refers to the legal right to own and sell the property. Most properties have titles, and when one purchases that property, they are technically purchasing its title. While deeds and titles are part of the transfer of ownership process, they serve different roles. A deed serves as a written record of ownership, while the title is an abstract concept that provides an owner with the right to control and use a property.

Many issues can stem from the transfer of ownership. For instance, there can be problems involving:

  • Unlawful deeds: This can occur if someone who is not legally able to sign a deed transfers the property’s ownership.
  • Unknown liens: A lien can interrupt the sale or transfer of property. An attorney can run a lien search and resolve any issues before it delays or negates the deal.
  • Forged documents: Any document that contains a forged signature can present issues during or after a sale.
  • Competing claims: Competing claims often arise when a missing heir returns to claim the property during its sale.
  • Conflicting property rights: An attorney can run a thorough search to discover any potential easements and address issues that may arise.

These and many other issues can interrupt the sale or transfer of property. An attorney can help individuals retain title insurance and take steps to prevent problems before they occur.

Landlord or Tenant Real Estate Attorney

Various real estate issues arise between landlords and tenants. Most issues involve contractual disputes or issues with habitability. An attorney can help these parties understand their rights, responsibilities, and remedies. In addition, an experienced contract attorney can create and execute binding contracts that address anticipatory issues.


Easements refer to nonpossessory rights to another individual’s property. An easement does not give the other person ownership but may give them a specific right to use. Easements often involve landlocked properties. For instance, easements may permit a neighbor to use an owner’s yard to reach the main road. An attorney can help draw up easement documents and refute unlawful easements.

In the same vein, an attorney can address any eminent domain issues. Eminent domain is an easement involving a landowner and the government. Unlike easements between neighbors, property owners have limited options when the government asserts an eminent domain claim. A residential real estate attorney can work with property owners to secure appropriate compensation if the government seeks to use the owner’s land.

Brentwood Commercial Real Estate Matters

Commercial real estate matters are similar to residential transactions in that they follow similar steps and the same overarching contract rules. However, commercial real estate transactions are subject to more stringent state and local regulations. Commercial real estate includes properties such as:

  • Apartments,
  • Hotels,
  • Factories,
  • Offices,
  • Restaurants, and
  • Retail establishments.

A Brentwood commercial real estate lawyer can help commercial real estate owners protect their interests and ensure longevity. A lawyer can:

  • Review paperwork,
  • Secure permits and zoning variance,
  • Negotiate between community members and owners, and
  • Conduct inspections.

A commercial real estate lawyer can help property owners and operators during every aspect of their real estate transactions.

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