As the oldest and largest law firm in Clarksville, Tennessee the Law Firm of Batson Nolan handles automobile accidents that result in serious personal injuries or death to our clients and their loved ones. We have protected our clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky for over 150 years obtaining the maximum recovery possible for their injuries. We want to help you and your family.

Unfortunately, most people will be involved in an accident at some point in their life. The consequences and repercussions of a serious car, truck, motorcycle, or other serious accident can be life altering placing both your and your family’s future in serious jeopardy if you do not act quickly to protect yourself and your loved ones. It is important if you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another that you speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys to preserve evidence, to protect your rights, and to ensure that the largest possible damages are recovered for your injuries.

At Batson, Nolan, our personal injury attorneys are experienced, tough trial lawyers with decades of trial experience representing victims like you who have been harmed by the negligence and careless acts of others. We have protected people just like you since 1860, and as the largest law firm in Clarksville we place our considerable resources behind you to ensure that you are not taken advantage of or forced into a low settlement that is less than what you deserve. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if that is what is necessary to recover your damages.

Simply stated, we understand that when you have a serious personal injury your life has been turned upside down and it is only natural that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and uncertain about what the future holds. It is hard for you to know where to turn and what to do next, but we can and will help you and your family. Our attorneys fight for our clients guiding you through every step of the process recovering the money you are owed and deserve.

The right lawyer and law firm do make a difference in the amount of money you may receive for your injuries. Personal attention and experienced representation from the right lawyer likely will be the difference between you recovering some of your damages as opposed to all of your damages. It costs nothing to speak with one of our experienced trial attorneys about your case as all consultations are free. Our team of attorneys is ready to help you and your peace of mind begins with your call.