You have several options if you are considering filing for a divorce in Tennessee.

In addition to the traditional method of filing for divorce in a court and letting a judge decide issues of asset division, child custody and spousal support, a relatively new process for resolving the issues that arise in a divorce is family law mediation.


Mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that takes place away from the courtroom. You, your spouse and your attorneys will meet to negotiate the terms of your divorce, parenting plan or family law issues in conversations guided by an impartial mediator.

In Tennessee, domestic mediators are certified professionals who facilitate discussions between the parties to help them reach a settlement. Mediators do not offer legal advice; rather they provide general information about the legal process to help all interested parties reach a timely workable solution, prior to incurring the time and expense of a trial.

The main issues addressed during the mediation process include the terms of divorce, how to divide assets, how children will be cared for after the divorce and support of children and spouse(s) during and after the process. Mediators help you resolve the terms of your marital dissolution agreement and/or parenting plan.


Mediation gives parties greater control over their case and affords everyone involved more privacy. Benefits of mediation include having direct input and control over the process and result, including what happens to your property and children. Mediation will also save you time and money and is less disruptive than a traditional courtroom divorce for all parties involved.


Mediation is a voluntary process. You should consider whether you and your spouse will be able to hold constructive discussions to reach a settlement agreeable to both of you.
Contact us if you would like more information about the process. Our mediators have been approved by the Supreme Court of Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission and are ready to discuss your case to help you decide if mediation is the right option for you.