The official start of summer is tomorrow and many of us have already been firing up the grill for those tasty burgers and hot dogs this season.  We wanted to take a moment to remind you of some simple safety tips while we continue to enjoy our backyard barbecues and cookouts this summer.  Thousands of home fires are started each year due to failure to adhere to basic grilling safety guidelines.  Take a quick look below for some resources and tips to stay safe behind the grill!

  • Ensure that your grill has a solid footing. Your grill should be placed on a level, stable surface before use.
  • Make sure your grill is clean. Excessive grease build-up can cause fires so make sure to keep your grill clean before each use.
  • Always check for leaks in the gas line before and after grilling, and never turn on the gas with the grill cover closed.
  • Keep the grill a safe distance from your home. Leave at least 10 feet between the grill and your home and be mindful of overhead structures.
  • Use the correct fuel and ignite it properly.
  • Leave enough room on the cooking surface to tend to flare-ups.
  • Be careful with the ashes when you are done. Ashes can remain hot enough to start a fire for hours after they’re not actively burning.  Be sure to put them in a non-combustible container before disposal.

The National Fire Prevention Association provides some good grilling tips here.

Grill manufacturer Char-Broil provides a list of 10 safety tips you can read on its barbeque safety page.

Finally, several insurance companies offer tips for safe grilling.  Check out the pages from Nationwide and Travelers.

You will notice a lot of recurring themes from the various resources here.  Please take a moment to refresh yourself on these topics.  It may even save your eyebrows!

We wish you a safe and delicious grilling season.  However, accidents can happen even when we are careful.  If you have followed all grill manufacturer recommendations and procedures and have been injured because of a defect beyond your control, call one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Batson Nolan.