Experienced Clarksville High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Getting a divorce is both complicated and emotionally challenging for either spouse. They can also be financially devastating to either one of the parties, particularly the breadwinner of the relationship. The more assets you have, the more you stand to lose.

For high-net-worth individuals, the stakes of undergoing a divorce could be financially devastating. Dividing marital assets can be quite complicated, particularly when valuing privately owned businesses, commercial properties, as well as, when valuing investments, retirement accounts, vacation properties, boats, planes or other luxury assets.

Such high net worth divorces often require the retention of qualified experts to value the assets and calculate the appreciation of privately owned property held during the course of the marriage. Ideally, there is a premarital agreement which allocates the division of the marital estate, but all too often persons of high-net-worth overlook such legal protections. A proven Clarksville high net worth divorce attorney will understand how to investigate and discover critical information regarding the various business interests, investment interests and assets of the marital estate, and whether a spouse is attempting to hide information during the process.

A skilled Clarksville high net worth divorce attorney will know how and when to utilize the services of a financial adviser, appraiser, forensic accountant and tax experts to organize and value the marital assets. A fair resolution and fair distribution of the overall marital estate is contingent upon there being an accurate valuation of the overall marital assets.

It is critical for any person of high-net-wealth considering a divorce to first consult with a family attorney experienced in such legal matters, someone who will craft a plan of action in preparation of divorce which reallocates or otherwise protects the financial assets of the marriage from being disseminated or hidden by the other spouse during the divorce process. Taking reasonable yet firm steps with the advice of an experienced Clarksville high net worth divorce lawyer, to curb unnecessary spending not only keeps the marital debts in check but also helps to budget for the unavoidable expenses that come with the divorce process.

Gathering financial information in an organized manner at the onset of a divorce not only makes the process less complicated, but it also can result in building trust between the spouses and should start the divorce on a positive note. You should never contemplate settling a high-net-worth divorce or make any proposals toward resolution such a divorce until you are fully educated about the likely outcomes, and not until your Clarksville high net worth divorce attorney has conducted a diligent investigation of the marital estate and its assets.

Often times, preparing for a divorce is just as critical as the lawyering which later takes place in and out of the courtroom.

At Batson Nolan PLC, we not only have experience in representing clients undergoing high net worth divorces, we also have experience in estate planning, real estate, as well as, business and corporate law. Our law firm’s services can also be utilized to help you successfully rebound after divorce. We are here to help you. Contact us now to speak with a Clarksville high net worth divorce lawyer. Schedule a meeting so we can provide you with answers and solutions to your questions and concerns.