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Businesses and corporations form the backbone of the United States economy. Fostering their growth helps businesses thrive and enriches the communities they serve. 

Based in Clarksville, Batson Nolan PLC has a team of Tennessee and Kentucky-licensed attorneys who regularly advise individuals and businesses.

Our Hopkinsville business attorneys provide compassionate and zealous advocacy. As a business, we understand our clients’ experience and are here to put our 160 years of service to work for them. 

Start a Company with Confidence by Hiring a Business Formation Attorney at Batson Nolan

Starting a business is thrilling, but getting lost in the whirlwind of paperwork and to-do lists that come with establishing a startup is easy to do. If entrepreneurs hastily begin businesses and enter into contracts, they unnecessarily subject their personal assets and company to liability. 

Our Hopkinsville corporate lawyers understand the challenges faced by new businesses. We believe in establishing a solid relationship with the business owners and developing a personalized plan. Instead of providing cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to our clients, we offer personalized legal counsel tailored to your vision. 

Business Entity Selection

A fundamental step to opening up a new business is selecting the appropriate entity type. Hopkinsville entrepreneurs have a variety of options at their disposal. 

Our team can meet with you to determine your goals, financial situation, and strategies. We will work with you to develop a cost-effective business formation plan that suits your needs. 


Corporations can either be for-profit or not-for-profit. In the realm of for-profit corporations, you also have S-corporations or C-corporations, which generally refer to how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes the entity. Corporations are attractive if you want to grow the business and welcome outside investors to the company. 

We have a robust knowledge of corporate law and will use it to your advantage. Our Hopkinsville corporate attorneys enjoy working with entrepreneurs to understand their goals and develop a formation strategy to help make their dreams a reality. 


There are multiple types of partnerships that you can form with others:

  • General partnership; 
  • Limited partnership; 
  • Limited liability partnership; and 
  • Limited liability limited partnership. 

Partnerships are one of the most basic types of businesses and a popular option for people who are just beginning a company with one or more partners. That said, the partnership form of doing business opens you up to personal liability. Our business law attorneys can review your situation and help you determine if this flexible form of doing business is suitable for you. 

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited liability companies are another popular type of business entity because of their flexibility and liability protection. Our team can help you structure the management of the business to fit your goals and prepare and file the legal paperwork to establish the business. We also provide ongoing consultation to our business clients to help ensure the company remains compliant and its documents updated. 

Protect Your Investment by Leveraging the Skills of Our Business Litigation Lawyers

Because many relationships, components, and individuals make up a business, disputes are an unfortunate reality. Our business litigation team is trained to help address even the most precarious conflicts. Our team also includes trained mediators with ample experience assisting parties to unravel and resolve points of contention to reach an amicable solution. 

Types of Commercial Litigation Our Office Handles

Throughout our firm’s 160-plus years in operation, we have encountered many types of commercial litigation. A sampling of the disputes that our team handles includes the following:

  • Breach of the partnership agreement, 
  • Breach of contract, 
  • Breach of commercial real estate agreement, 
  • Shareholder dispute, 
  • Business dissolution, 
  • Sexual harassment, 
  • Wrongful termination,
  • Employment discrimination,
  • HR disputes,
  • Construction litigation,
  • Antitrust and unfair competition matters, 
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disagreements, and
  • Business bankruptcy.

We understand that commercial litigation is stressful for our clients, and a lot is at stake. We provide exceptional dedication to our clients and ensure they regularly receive updates. Our team diligently reviews the case, performs legal research, and prepares a rigorous argument on behalf of our client. 

Safeguard Your Assets and Limit Your Liability with a Contract Attorney

The importance of having solid contracts in place when you operate a business cannot be overstated. These agreements define the scope of your legal liability and obligations, remedies in case of a breach, and more. 

Because of how vital these documents are to your business’s success and smooth operation, the best practice is to enlist the help of a trusted contract lawyer. They thoroughly review the records and the circumstances leading to your needing the contract. They call on their years of training to help ensure that the agreement protects your legal rights, limits your liability, and accomplishes the stated goals. 

Further, if the other party fails to perform under the contract, the lawyer can file a lawsuit to enforce the agreement and seek compensation on your behalf. Our Hopkinsville business lawyers have prepared hundreds of contracts for clients throughout our decades in operation. 

Contact the Hopkinsville Business Attorneys at Batson Nolan

If you are a Hopkinsville entrepreneur, schedule a consultation today by calling 931-647-1501 or using our online contact form. We can help with various business matters, such as mergers and acquisitions, business breakups, formation, and all other aspects of a company. 

All of our lawyers have particular areas of focus so that our firm is able to address your business needs. For example, Suzanne Marsh has extensive experience in the business space and focuses her practice on assisting medical providers with starting new practice groups. 


What Are the Types of Breaches of Contract?

Breaches of contract can be minor or material, anticipatory or actual. Minor breaches are mistakes, such as clerical errors, that do not impact the underlying transaction. Material breaches substantially impact the agreement between the parties and result in damages. 

An anticipatory breach is when one party informs the other that they will not or cannot meet their contractual obligations. They send out this notice before the performance date (e.g., closing date) arrives. In contrast, an actual breach occurs when someone fails or refuses to do what they promised to do by the specified deadline in the contract. 

If My Business Partner Doesn’t Follow the Partnership Agreement, Can I Remove Them from the Company?

It depends on the terms of the partnership agreement, the surrounding circumstances, and the applicable law. Our Hopkinsville business lawyers can review the situation and the governing contracts and advise you on your legal rights. 

Our experienced legal team handles a variety of other cases as well, including: