We are often asked by clients – what is mediation and do I have to attend?

Simply put, mediation is when you go to a neutral attorney’s office and try to negotiate a deal. Often you will be in one room and your spouse will be in another. The mediator will move back and forth between the rooms trying to broker and facilitate a deal between husband and wife. The mediator will not be representing you or your spouse and will not take sides in the course of the negotiations. The mediator’s sole purpose is to try to get the parties to meet in the middle so that the divorce can
be resolved.  Female hands holding pen and signing contract


In the State of Tennessee, the law requires parties attend mediation before going to trial in a divorce. At the outset of many divorces, the husband and wife may not have a desire to attend mediation due to the cost and the preconceived notion that it will be unsuccessful. However, in a majority of divorces, mediation is the most effective tool/procedure in amicably resolving your case. You save both money and time by settling efficiently.


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