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Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and Crummey Letters
March 15, 2018 Read Post

Batson Nolan explains ILIT Trusts and Crummey Letters

Batson Nolan explains how an ILIT can possibly help avoid a heavy tax burden. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and Crummey Letters Many clients are unaware that the value of their life insurance policies may be includable in the value of their estates at the time of their death. Due to the high estate tax exemptions currently, this inclusion by the IRS does not affect most individuals or […]

March 7, 2018 Read Post

Batson Nolan – Tennessee Law Changes Affect DUI Convictions

Batson Nolan wants to keep you informed of the latest DUI law changes and how they can affect you. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals recently rendered a decision with major implications for individuals charged with driving under the influence (“DUI”) in Tennessee.  In State of Tennessee v. Rosemary L. DeCosimo, the Court of Appeals examined and found unconstitutional a Tennessee statute that required individuals convicted […]

Batson Nolan Limited Liability Company News
February 27, 2018 Read Post

Why Should Your Limited Liability Company (LLC) be in Wyoming?  

Batson Nolan wants business owners to know the advantages of out-of-state LLCs Things to Consider for your LLC: If you have multiple rental properties, a Wyoming LLC might be of benefit to you. If someone sues the LLC, your personal assets are shielded as they can only access the assets of your LLC, regardless of whether your LLC has one or more members. While you may […]

January 30, 2018 Read Post

The Division of Marital Property

Batson Nolan explains the process courts utilize to divide marital property. One of the most important, complicated, and frequently misunderstood aspects of Tennessee divorce actions concerns the division of marital property.  The distribution of marital property in Tennessee is governed by statute – Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-121.  Accordingly, this article will focus on providing a general explanation of the process courts utilize to divide marital […]