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It’s a fact that many people who are deserving of social security disability benefits are wrongfully denied.

This happens often because they simply give up and don’t appeal. At Batson Nolan, it is our policy not to give up on cases that have merit. For decades, our Clarksville social security disability attorney has represented Social Security disability claimants. Whether it is a new claim, a reconsideration, or an appeal, we have successfully concluded many cases with an award of benefits to the claimant.

How Much Will It Cost Me? At Batson Nolan, we represent clients in Social Security disability matters on a contingency basis, meaning that if we accept your case and you do not recover anything, you are not required to pay any lawyer fees.

How do I know if I am considered disabled? The Social Security Administration considers someone disabled if the person has health issues that keep him or her from working for twelve months or more. The health issue that prevents one from working may be physical, mental or both. To receive benefits, you must be unable to work as outlined above and you must file a claim. If your claim goes to hearing, the Judge will review your claim and ask for information such as your medical condition, age, abilities, training and work experience. In order to prepare for such a hearing, our lawyers will gather your medical records; discuss your condition with your medical providers; comprehensively analyze the law and regulations that govern such claims; obtain any documents about you on file with the Social Security Administration; and personally meet with you to understand you and your claim.

How does the claim process work? Most initial claims for Social Security Disability are denied. It is not uncommon during the initial review that the Social Security Administration does not properly take into consideration certain elements of the case. It may not make a thorough review of all medical conditions or may misinterpret the defining regulations. If you are denied benefits, you have the right to reconsideration. Reconsideration of the denial of benefits normally takes the form of a written appeal on your behalf. Unfortunately, most requests for reconsideration are also denied. Following the second denial, you then have a right to a hearing before a federal Administrative Law Judge who will consider the merits of your claim. Our legal team will guide you through this complicated and often frustrating process. Our goal is to achieve approval of your claim and get you much needed benefits.

Understanding social security disability benefit requirements may be difficult, check out this news article for more information or contact one of our attorneys today.

Whether you reside in Clarksville or other parts of Tennessee or Kentucky, we can help with your Social Security Disability claim. Contact our Clarksville social security disability lawyer today for assistance.


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