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As the oldest and largest law firm in Clarksville, Tennessee the Law Firm of Batson Nolan handles Commercial trucking accidents that result in serious personal injuries or death to our clients and their loved ones. Our Clarksville truck accidents lawyers have protected our clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky for over 150 years obtaining the maximum recovery possible for their injuries while providing peace of mind following a traumatic trucking accident. We want to help you and your family.

Automobile accidents involving large commercial trucks are referred to as tractor-trailer accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, or simply trucking accidents. Regardless of the term used, commercial truck accidents are serious and present an unacceptable risk of serious injury and death to other motorists across Tennessee and Kentucky.

Clarksville Truck Accidents Lawyers - fireman at car smashed by truckCollisions involving commercial trucks, or other large freight carriers, often are more severe than ordinary car accidents and may inflict serious injuries. Personal injuries resulting from these accidents commonly include serious neck injury, back injury, closed head injury, brain injury, spine or spinal chord injury, shoulder injury, internal injuries, and fractured bones. All too often trucking accidents involve fatalities. If you have be a victim of a trucking accident contact of highly skilled and proven Clarksville truck accidents attorneys.

Statistics Regarding Commercial Trucks

Although an accident with a commercial truck/tractor-trailer can occur anywhere, statistically most accidents occur on the highways and interstates where the truck is usually traveling at a higher rate of speed making a collision more significant. Additionally, even when an accident occurs while the speed of the commercial truck is low, the weight of the truck and its freight alone make the likelihood of serious injury and/or death much greater when a collision occurs. An average passenger automobile weighs around 3,000 pounds while a fully-loaded commercial truck may weigh in excess of 60,000 pounds. Because of this extreme disparity in size and weight, any accident between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle is usually a serious accident. Because of this, it is very important you contact the experienced Clarksville truck accidents lawyers at Batson Nolan.

The citizens of Tennessee and southern Kentucky are not immune from the extreme dangers presented by large commercial trucks on the roads in our communities. When large trucks make deliveries in rural areas throughout Tennessee and Kentucky the danger of an accident is significant as the truck driver usually is not a resident of the community and is unfamiliar with the area. Further, in rural areas the roads are often smaller, and turns are often tight making operating a large commercial truck more difficult and dangerous to other motorists.

Truck Drivers and Standard of Care

Clarksville truck accidents attorneys - smashed teal colored truckIn accord with these dangers, the laws of TN and KY each place a standard of care upon the drivers of commercial trucks in their operation of big-rigs/tractor-trailers upon our roadways, and upon the companies that employ truck drivers and/or own these vehicles. At a minimum, truck drivers must be aware of their surroundings, keep a proper lookout for other motorists, obey traffic laws and regulations placed upon commercial trucks, and exercise due care at all times for other motorists. Similarly companies employing truck driver and/or owning commercial trucks used in transporting and delivering commercial freight are required to carefully select and hire competent and capable drivers to operate these large commercial vehicles, and ensure that they are properly trained and will obey all trucking regulations.

When the applicable standard of care is violated in the manner by which a commercial truck has been driven, or in the selection, training, and/or negligent retention of a negligent, careless, or unqualified driver, the law provides for damages to compensate innocent victims like yourself, and in proper cases, to punish and deter the conduct of the drivers of these trucks and the companies for whom they work, and/or who own the vehicles.

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