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Suzanne G. Marsh 

Clarksville attorneys for employers

We advise small businesses on matters of compliance with the state and federal employment laws and applicable rules. We take the time to get to know the operations of the client’s business so that we can properly address client needs. From FLSA record-keeping for hours worked within a week, to IRS versus DOL rules for independent contractors, restrictive covenants to “tip pools,” we want to understand your business so that we can anticipate your needs and your issues. We work with employers from governmental entities, agricultural/farming, manufacturing, fast food, auto body repair, private educational institutions, churches, dental and surgical practices to insurance agencies on matters involving the employment relationship.

We provide advice concerning matters of compliance with applicable law because compliance helps to avoid lawsuits and claims of discrimination. We assist clients with having difficult discussions with employees, so that both sides can view the situation with clarity and fairness. We answer EEOC Charges of Discrimination and defend lawsuits in federal and state court.

Many of our clients do not have dedicated human resources personnel, and we often provide routine human resource guidance to fill in that gap for small business. Our clients may not have in-house counsel or department heads, and we fill that gap by being available to address regular and unexpected legal issues for small businesses. From revising employee handbooks to drafting employment agreements, we want to fill the client’s need for attorney services across many business concerns.

We also work with licensed professionals needing review of employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, or the process of terminating a relationship as a member, partner or shareholder of a medical practice entity.

Batson Nolan PLC lawyers have many years of experience representing employers in a wide range of employment litigation issues. We assist our clients with responding to EEOC, THRC, and other administrative charges, as well as defending wrongful termination, discrimination, and all other types of employment-related suits in both state and federal court.