When a person loses the capacity to make decisions for themselves, and has not executed powers of attorney, a court will appoint someone (referred to as the Conservator) to make financial and health care decisions for that person (referred to as the Ward). Essentially, a conservator is a court appointed power of attorney.

Who needs a Conservator? Individuals who are no longer able to make financial and health care decisions for themselves, and who don’t have any powers of attorney executed are in need of a conservator. Conservatorship can be created for any number of situations, such as:

  • Individuals who have developed Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or general memory loss
  • Individuals who suffer from various mental disabilities
  • Individuals who suffer from severe psychiatric disorders

How does one obtain a conservatorship over someone? In order to obtain a conservatorship over an individual, one must file a Petition with the Court, and then explain and prove the reasons why said individual is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves. The court will then make a determination on whether the individual needs a conservator, and who will serve in that capacity.

What are the cons to obtaining a conservatorship?

  • Obtaining a conservatorship over someone is an expensive and time intensive. These are some of the expenses that one would incur in order to obtain a Conservatorship over someone:
    1. Attorney’s Fees
    2. Court Costs
    3. Filing Fees
    4. Fees for Bank Records/Fees for Medical Records

    All Conservatorships are going to require these costs, and more the likely will take several months for the entire process to be completed.

  • The person the Court appoints as your conservator may not be the person you would choose to be in charge of your health care and financial decisions.
  • The great expense and time required to obtain a conservatorship can all be avoided by having Powers of Attorney prepared and executed

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