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Filing for divorce in TN can come with lots of questions. At Batson Nolan, our Clarksville divorce attorneys are here to address any of your divorce, child custody, or child support questions for Clarksville, Montgomery County, as well as other areas of Tennessee and Kentucky.

We can help with questions like:

1. How long will my divorce take?

Uncontested divorces in Tennessee can take 2-3 months (at a minimum) to complete. Contested divorces can last much longer. The length is based on the complexity of the issues, the amicability of the couple, and the attitude of each divorce lawyer.

2. What is the difference in an uncontested and contested divorce?

Uncontested is a divorce in which both parties resolve their issues amicably. The parties may not agree at first as to all issues, but working together and through their attorneys, ultimately reach a resolution with little litigation. Uncontested marriage dissolutions are quicker, less expensive, and more efficient because the parties work together to resolve their differences. If you and your partner are contemplating filing as uncontested, our experienced Clarksville divorce lawyer at Batson Nolan can assist you in each of the following stages:

  • Filing a Divorce Complaint: these are typically filed on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences,” but there still has to be specific statutorily-mandated language inserted into the document in order for it to be accepted in a court of law. Batson Nolan will ensure that your filing is properly worded and timely filed with the court so you do not have to worry about delays while navigating the process.
  • Drafting a Marital Dissolution Agreement: The “MDA” is a finalized version of the terms of your divorce. A Clarksville divorce attorney can ensure all of your rights are fully protected and all issues are addressed in this document.
  • Developing a Parenting Plan: We can help you create a parenting plan that includes visitation and child support and custody rights, which will go into effect once your divorce is finalized

By contrast, a contested divorce is one in which the parties become deadlocked on one issue or many issues.  These can often require significant litigation, time, money, and cause significant stress.  If a marriage dissolution comes to a point in which all further attempts at negotiation are futile, the case has become contested and the attorney must begin to prepare for trial. Batson Nolan can assist clients in filing for divorce when couples cannot reach an amicable resolution. This includes asserting legitimate grounds for divorce, which includes, but is not limited to: inappropriate marital behavior, cruel and/or inhuman conduct, adultery, abandonment, habitual intoxication, or certain criminal violations.

3. How much will my divorce cost?

A good rule of thumb for divorce cases or any family law case is the more the parties fight, the more it will cost. Remember: When thinking about the costs, remember that you are considering not just money, but also spending your time and emotions.

4. How do I talk to my children about the divorce?

Divorce is a difficult and confusing time for children. The best way to handle it with your kids is to sit down and talk. Let them know how much they are loved. Do not argue in front of the kids, do not complain to them, and do not use children for leverage. Consider counseling for your children if they are struggling to cope with the separation.

5. Should I seek a marriage counselor?

Family law cases are very emotional, so we do recommend clients consider seeking counseling before or during the legal process. Depending on the client’s needs, counseling is for different purposes. A client will often put off going to a counselor because his or her spouse will not. Do not wait for your spouse to participate! Individual counseling can be extremely helpful.

6. What about reconciliation?

Simply put: We are always for reconciliation if it can be achieved. We encourage you to explore alternatives, such as separation and especially marriage counseling.

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