Real Estate Law

Real estate is an ever-growing and vibrant area of law, encompassing all aspects of owning, selling, and using land and property. A Dover real estate lawyer provides vital services to help protect your investment and ensure the transaction closes successfully. A real estate lawyer will also assist you when disputes arise, helping you to navigate the situation in such a way as to limit your liability and maximize your compensation. 

Since 1860, our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients buy, sell, and protect their interest in real estate. A lot has changed since our firm began operations, but we have grown and carefully crafted our signature style to match the times. 

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Types of Dover Real Estate Law Cases 

Basically, anything that involves land and property invokes real estate law in some respect. Our office handles a wide range of real estate law cases, from complex commercial transactions to boundary disputes to breach of contract cases and everything in between. 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions require a careful and trained eye to ensure everything goes smoothly. Because business property is at issue, special requirements must be met to complete the transaction. These can range from special surveys to board approvals and unique financing arrangements. Our team has decades of experience helping businesses and individuals navigate the complex realm of commercial real estate. 

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling a house is often the most expensive transaction a family makes. Because of this, it’s crucial to have an attorney review important documents and ensure the requirements are met. Conflicts involving real estate can take years to surface and can have devastating impacts when they do. A Dover real estate lawyer is trained to identify and address these issues before they arise. 

Breach of Contract Cases

Breach of contract cases involving real estate can range from purchase agreements to construction issues, financing, and other facets of real property. To have a valid claim for a breach of contract, you need to prove the following elements:

  • You and the other party entered into a valid, enforceable contract. 
  • The other party failed to do what they promised under the contract or informed you that they will not perform under it by the agreed-upon closing date. 
  • You suffered damages because of the failure of the other party to perform. 
  • You are entitled to compensation under the contract, law, or equity. 

Breach of contract cases can involve nuanced areas of the law, so it is essential to consult a lawyer early on. Further, the steps you take after the other party breaches can significantly impact your ability to recover compensation. 

A Dover real estate attorney at our office can review the contract and the surrounding circumstances and provide targeted advice to improve your chances of recovering compensation. 

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can arise in a variety of contexts. For example, one neighbor may build a fence where they believe the boundary is between two properties. If the other neighbor and the legal documents disagree about where that boundary line is, this can be the basis for a lawsuit. 

Boundary disputes can also arise if a structure (such as a tree or house) on one person’s property extends into someone else’s property. A real estate lawyer can review the title description, surveys, and existing boundary lines to determine where the legal line is between the properties. They can also file a suit to defend your property rights. 

Zoning and Land Use Matters

Another important area of real estate law is land use and zoning matters. Counties and municipalities may have rules about how you use property within specific districts. For example, there may be a rule against opening a bar or concert hall in a residential area. 

Zoning and land use laws are complex and ever-changing. A zoning and land use lawyer helps you by performing legal research and determining the laws that apply to your property. They can also help you apply for permits and exceptions with the zoning board. 

What Does a Dover Real Estate Attorney Do?

dover real estate lawyer working on real estate documents

Dover real estate attorneys perform valuable services to parties in a transaction or dispute. Some of the services they provide include the following:

  • Reviewing title insurance policies and making sure pre-close conditions are met; 
  • Analyzing the chain of title to ensure there are no defects; 
  • Helping sellers meet their disclosure requirements under Tennessee’s residential real property disclosure rules;
  • Writing and assessing the contract; 
  • Negotiating the contract; 
  • Proposing modifications to the agreement; 
  • Negotiating real estate dispute settlements; 
  • Approving and drafting vital closing documents; and 
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf to protect your rights. 

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling many aspects of real estate transactions and disputes. 

Do I Need a Dover Real Estate Attorney?

Tennessee law doesn’t require that buyers or sellers hire a real estate attorney. Likewise, if you’re involved in litigation concerning property, you have every right to represent yourself. But you will most likely be disadvantaged if you choose to represent yourself. 

You set yourself up for an uphill battle by representing yourself without the proper legal training. With so much at stake, it’s better to hire a professional trained in the law rather than take it upon yourself to handle the day-to-day and legal aspects of the dispute. Additionally, third parties and others are more likely to take you and your claim seriously if you have an attorney. 

Batson Nolan PLC provides outstanding legal representation to Dover residents involving multiple areas of real estate law. We understand your struggles and are here to help you overcome them. 

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For over 20 years, Christina Bartee has provided valuable services to her clients and colleagues. Her legal career began in law school when she authored “Anastasoff v. United States: Precedence of Unpublished Opinions” in the Tennessee Journal of Practice and Procedure. She has continued to deliver for her clients and the surrounding community, serving as President of the Board of Directors for CASA of Robertson County. 

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