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Divorce is defined as the dissolution of marriage. For members of the military, the divorce proceedings can differ from those for civilians.

The divorce process is never simple, and divorce proceedings that include parties that are on active military duty or have served in the military can often have complex layers that most divorce cases don’t.

Most divorce cases can be broken down into either a contested or an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is generally easier to deal with for both clients and the parties involved because both parties have a mutual understanding of how to dissolve the marriage.

Contested divorces, however, can become complicated, long-winded, and painful. These occur when both parties can’t agree on one or multiple issues. In these cases, having an attorney that can help mediate and negotiate effectively can help spare that pain and heartache, as well as keep costs down to a minimum.

Since military divorces include a number of elements that don’t regularly come into play during divorce proceedings, having an attorney that is experienced specifically with military divorce cases can make a significant difference in a case’s outcome.

If you or somebody you know in the military is in need of representation in their divorce case, contact or call Batson Nolan today to schedule a consultation.

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Why Should You Choose Batson Nolan?

As a full-service law firm based in Clarksville, Tennessee, and in close proximity to Fort Campbell, Batson Nolan regularly provides exceptional legal to military members all over the state. The attorneys at Batson Nolan have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your divorce case successfully.

Compassionate Service
With the highly emotional nature of divorce cases, having an attorney that approaches your case with compassion can make a world of difference. Batson Nolan attorneys regularly go above and beyond to make sure that our clients feel comfortable, secure, and informed throughout the entire divorce process.

Aggressive Representation
The attorneys at Batson Nolan are committed to providing clients with aggressive and effective representation. We don’t budge when it comes to what you deserve. You can be certain that your case will be handled with skill and the conviction to win. We fight for our clients in their time of need.

Experienced Attorneys
You don’t have a successful divorce without having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side to guide you through the process. That knowledge and experience is what makes the attorneys at Batson Nolan successful in so many of the cases that they handle and why you can trust them to handle your case too.

A History of Success
As one of the oldest law firms in the state of Tennessee, Batson Nolan has been doing things the right way for over 150 years. Our firm has a history of success, and our longevity is a product of hiring the best attorneys possible and establishing that every case is unique and should be treated with careful consideration.

An Honest Approach
If we believe we can help you, we will let you know. Honesty is an essential part of serving our clients successfully. We don’t take courses of action just to run up the bill like some law firms. Each and every step we take in representing our clients is to provide them with the best legal outcomes possible.

Consistent Communication
We make sure to keep our clients updated at every turn. If there’s any sort of development about your case, you can be certain that you will hear about it. With all of the changes people go through in a divorce, we make sure our consistent communication keeps all of the surprises to a minimum.

What Makes A Military Divorce Different?

While the grounds for divorce in regular divorce cases include complex issues like adultery, cruelty, drug or alcohol addiction, and many others, military divorces can include these elements in addition to many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Due to the proximity to Fort Campbell, the attorneys of Batson Nolan have represented numerous active military members and veterans in their divorce cases. These cases regularly involve elements such as:

  • PCS and Deployment Issues
  • Parental Relocation and Move Away
  • Child Custody
  • Step-Parent Visitation
  • Tricare Insurance Problems
  • Division of Military Retirement
  • Basic Allowance for Housing During Separation

These issues are complicated and require exceptional legal knowledge and experience to handle successfully. With so much on your mind already, there’s no need to go it alone. Our attorneys are committed to helping soldiers and veterans through these difficult proceedings so that they find peace after a divorce is finalized.

While other attorneys may understand how to handle regular divorce cases, our firm’s experience handling military divorce makes us equipped to handle even the most complex of cases.

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Even without the aspects of military service involved, there’s nothing easy about dealing with a divorce case. Luckily, having the right attorney can help make the divorce process a little bit easier for all parties involved. The attorneys at Batson Nolan are committed to guiding each of their clients through the divorce process successfully.

If you or someone you know is in need of a divorce attorney, whether involved in the military or not, let the attorneys at Batson Nolan help with the case. Contact or call our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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